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Links 55 | Millennials: The Challenge of Our Time

Mar 30 2017
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When talking about young people we inevitably touch upon the theme of “Millennials”; men and women who are currently between the ages of 18-35 and who are highly digitalized, critical and very demanding.  At the risk of falling short because they are highly competitive and intelligent, the truly worrying this is that they are very sensitive to external problems and become depressed extremely easily.


The problem is that in 2025, they will represent 75% of the world’s labour force and the generational gap with their bosses is not only effecting decisions but we are building environments for them without considering their emotional needs.


In order to have confident, mature and conscious Millennials, we should start educating them now, giving them qualities which will help them to lead the next generation (the Z); they have the worst characteristics of the X Generation, with many of the qualities of the Y Generation, which makes them viciously competitive and critical.


The first challenge is to change the way they are educated, not to use the same methods since they learn much more quickly; they prefer to do internet research rather than listen to a teacher for hours.  The second is to return to traditional homes with stable families who share, give affection, support each other and most importantly to a father figure[1], which is necessary for both men and women.


As a result, if we want better cities and better companies we need to start to educate those who will be looking after and managing them, in an environment of security and care which will allow them to take on with certainty and coherency the challenges which the future will bring.



[1] [1] Cfr. Jaramillo Arango Diego Alejandro. Entre dos: el matrimonio, escuela de felicidad. Quito, 2015