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Links 56 | UN Global Compact: A Global initiative with Local impact

Apr 25 2017
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The Global Compact is an instrument of the United Nations to include the voice of organisations including those from the business sector, academia and civil society. The initiative was created by the ex-General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Annan (1999). Organisations voluntarily adhere to the Compact, committing to follow the ten basic principles relating to Human Rights, Labour, the Environment and Anti-Corruption.

The objective of the initiative is to encourage collaboration between businesses and to create a more equal, global market which accommodates everyone. The Global Compact doesn’t imply a regulatory body that imposes legal standards for affiliates, nor does it grant certification to those who fulfil certain requirements. Affiliate businesses and organisations voluntarily commit to implement the Ten Principles in their daily work, as well as to inform the public about progress achieved.

Encompassing more than 9283 businesses and 2941 organisations and with a presence in 168 countries, the Global Compact is the most extensive corporative initiative of the United Nations.

Global Compact Network Ecuador

The local network in Ecuador was founded in 2011 and has 84 active members, amongst them private and public businesses, Local Government, Academia and Non-Governmental Organisations of all sizes and scale (national and international). It has become the most important Sustainability and Social Responsibility community in the country.

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