Edition 53 | Award for journalism in sustainability

Dec 22 2016
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The commitment of the National Brewery with Ecuador at the highest level of the sustainable development programs of the insignia in the country, since October 15 last year, the company promotes the first journalistic contest called “CN Prize”, which Awards a trip to the UK to journalists who have published the best work on sustainability.

The intention of the company is to promote the dissemination of business programs in sustainable development for those known by society, so it is, to promote that other organizations spread their initiatives and provide quality information to those who are taking the first steps In this matter. Andrés Bolek, Director of Corporate Affairs of Cervecería Nacional, said: “Our interest is that the media understand that the dissemination of these initiatives help build a corporate culture of sustainability.”

To this end, the brewing company has established an alliance with the S2M Foundation, based in London, which ensured the impartiality of the competition, Estefanía Díaz, General Manager of the foundation, commented “Our objective in supporting the competition is to guarantee impartiality and Ethics of the process, that is why we have formed a panel of renowned jurors nationally and internationally. ” In addition, the competition is sponsored by Avianca.

For participation, journalists in their work on the axis of the sustainability strategy of the National Brewery: social development in the long-term value chain, sustainable land use, promote a culture of responsible moderate consumption, protection Of water resources, control of emissions and waste. They may participate in print, digital, television and radio media professionals. For each category the participation parameters are shown, for example, for the television media, the reports have a duration of 30 seconds and 3 minutes.

The prize will be a trip to the UK for the winner of each category of participation, winners who visit leading journalists on sustainability and attend conferences with experts on the subject. But in addition to this, aware of the important role of photojournalism will be awarded a special prize of $ 1000 for the best treatment of photography or video. There is also a mention of honor for the participants who reach the second best score in each category and a recognition to all participants.

For more information on the contest, we invite you to access the page